Residential Services

Deep Core Lawn Aeration

Also known as coring or plugging, is a process when a machine pulls out plugs of soil about the size of your finger from the lawn. Soils become compacted over time. This makes it difficult for water, fertilizer, air & grass roots to penetrate the soil. Regular aeration combats

Lawn Assessments

Our Experts can diagnose problems with your lawn and provide options for improvement. We'll make a full assessment and come up with a full service plan for you.

Fertilization & weed Control

Lawn Health and Recovery starts with a plan and continues with the proper follow-up care. You need consistent attention to achieve healthy, better looking grass. Knowledge and timing is highly important, so we do the what & when.

Slice Seeding / Slit seeding

Primarily used for renovating lawns or repairing dead areas. The machine cuts slices into the soil while densely and precisely planting continuous rows of seed. Effective in quickly reviving dead areas, converting grass types, and recovering stresses turf. Used in dead or partially alive turf.


Primarily used in conjunction with aeration to thicken an existing lawn. The seed is broadcast over aerified area so that seed can boost and thicken weak spots and overall health. Can also be used to transition or blend one grass species to another in established turf.


This process tears the old thatch layer from the lawn. Excessive thatch build up can form an impervious layer that prevents water, fertilizer, and insect or disease controls from reaching soil. It can foster disease & lead to shallower rooting.

Yes, we work all around central ohio but these are our primary service area ZIPS CODES:
43016, 43017, 43026, 43064, 43065, 43085, 43119, 43220, 43221, 43228, 43235

Some services or special offers may not be applicable outside of these areas.

Commercial & bulk services

Small Business doing Big things

It's not uncommon for us to do projects from 5-20 acres. Sometimes we do entire complexes with 100-500 homes or condos. Whole neighborhoods in a day or two!! We do sports fields and park areas. We do this better than anyone and others know it. We get hired every year by other landscape & turf care companies, municipalities and homeowners associations to get bulk price rates for those large group jobs. Call us today for a large project estimate that won't be beat!

  • HOA, COA, Neighborhood groups, Community organizations
  • Sports Fields, Rec-Centers, Parks, Venues, Large Corporations, Estate properties
  • Mowing contractors, Landscape companies, Municipalities, Property Management Companies

Other Service offerings & Brands

Precise Turf Care is another brand extension and website developed by our parent company Mulch Rite. We provide that year round turf maintenance service that you'll need. It picks up right where aeration and seeding leave off! (See website for more details)

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Mulch Store - Mulch Delivery Service is another brand extension and website developed by our parent company Mulch Rite. We sell and deliver the best quality mulches and soils at the *guaranteed lowest price. (See website for more details) See The Quality, Selection, and Pricing that we offer today! 

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