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Since 1999 we've been Aerating around Columbus Ohio area. Mulch Rite  developed a niche for aeration and turf renovation and created the Lawnaeration.com brand. The first site available on-line to directly order the service. For nearly two decades we've been developing our proven system providing a smooth transition from scheduling to completion.

We specialize in lawn renovation services where others just add them on to their service list for extra income. We have aerators and seeders for every application. Most companies won't invest adequate training time or money into these specialty services because it's not their primary revenue stream. We're often hired by other landscape companies, municipalities, sports organizations, COA's HOA's to provide these valuable services at a reasonable cost.

As the industry progresses we stay on top of the curve using the best equipment and techniques. We started when a walk behind aerator was the only valid option for residential service. We pushed the limits and began using the first well made, well suited, sub-compact 4WD tractor with a 3-point attached aerator. This allowed us to do large volume and yield better results. Now the industry has advanced well beyond, and we are still leading the charge.

We can explain in detail why you should use each of the services we recommend and provide for you. We know the business inside and out. We know turf, we know the machines, and we know how to treat a customer!

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