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we pull more and longer plugs!

We offer the most effective and reliable core aeration service you can find. Lean more about he benefits of aeration. If you're in Central Ohio we can plug your lawn in minutes and provide the best possible results.

Our Pros can assess your turf and provide options to get your grass in shape quickly! We also provide seeding and other services in conjunction with aeration to improve, boost, or recover your lawn!

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only Superior Equipment

WE use the best to achieve the best

Our team uses the most advanced machines in the business.

It's the only way to get the job done right, and efficiently. We have various types of core aerators, seeders, slit-seeders, slicers, de-thatchers, and spreaders to get the job done right.

No one can match our versatility and equipment line up.

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Experienced Pros

unmatched, knowledgeable, friendly

You can only get the best results with the right plan and the correct technique.

JUST RIGHT, not too much or too little. Expertise is the most important factor in any job well done.

Need advice, a lawn assessment, or a quality service?

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Why You Should Choose Us


Our process from schedule to completion gets you fast results. Usually in only one appointment!


We specialize in these services and are very efficient. This allows us to set unbelievable Rates!


We have great Customer Reviews,  and have even won Angie's List coveted "Super Service" award!

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Core Aeration Videos

Exmark 30" cores perfectly

Hydraulic down pressure, ease of operation, extremely maneuverable, perfect pattern.

Ryan ZTR is versatile &  agile

Adjustable depth gauge, large or small lawns, gentle on  turf, ride or walk, excellent results!

Z-plugger is smooth & fast!!

With a wider stance this machine plugs fast! Acres per hour! Big lots, complexes, sport fields

project photos